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network security
Print Management

Network Security:

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threat company are facing nowadays. We have portfolio of solutions to protect your company from data breach, ransomware, viruses, network attacks. Solution Werks developed a robust security architecture to meet your demand 360-degree and protects your business 24/7. Our regular assessment and routine follow-up will ensure you network security and provide a peace-of-mind.

Print Management:

Everyday printing can be expansive and frustrate. We can make a difference. Solution Werks can help company reduce printing cost, admin overhead by providing comprehensive print solution. We offer model selection tailored to company’s needs. We also offer on-site hardware set-up, print management software solution, color calibration and proof, hardware support and service, etc.

System Automation
Website Interaction

System Automation:

According to research, average worker spends 2.5 hours per day searching for the information they need to do their job. Solution Werks helps company to set up digital, cloud-base mailroom, content capture and storage facility and easy-to-use secured search engine. The system can capture and validate all information from any source, paper or electronic and send the information directly to varies parties involved. Company are benefited by integrating all corporate information and higher efficiency automation brings.

Website Interaction:

Website is one and the single most important window to market your business. Elevate your web presence by partner with Solution Werks. Our skilled specialist is here to listen, and ready to transform your website and realize your vison. We can help you attract more potential customer, better user experience and more automatic data integration.

About Us

Solution Werks was formed to take on the 4 big challenges companies are facing – Network Security, Print Management, System Automation, and Website Interaction. We work side-by-side with our customer to help them accomplish their mission every day. With a track record of satisfied customer and highly skilled employees, we believe we can make every business better equipped with state-of-art technology solutions.

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